POPIA and your Springnest Website

The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) is South Africa’s data protection law. The purpose of the Act is to protect people from harm by protecting their personal information and ultimately protecting their privacy.


What is the relationship between POPIA, my business, and my Springnest website?

As a Springnest client, you use Springnest's product (website) to collect personal information about people (called data subjects), we play the role of Operator in your business' compliance POPIA Procedures.

Springnest's responsibility towards your business

We, as Springnest are required to supply you with accurate details about how you gather personal information through your Springnest website, where we store that information, and how you can request access to this information or how to destroy that information, in order for you to include those details in your business' POPIA procedures. You can find these details below:

Personal information collected through your website:

  • You collect personal information through forms on Contact Pages and Special Offer landing pages when a data subject makes an enquiry through your Springnest website. Even though the information is sent to your email address, we do store a copy of the information. The extent of information you collect depends on how your contact forms are configured and may include information about a data subject's name, last name, age, contact number, email address and country of residence.
  • The information collected through Forms on your website is stored in a secure database on Springnest's servers.
  • To request access to this information, or to request that this information be destroyed, you can reach out to Springnest's Information Officer as stated in our PAIA Manual.

Cookies and Third-Party Services:

  • Your website uses cookies to collect information about data subjects in order to optimise their browsing experience and/or to perform and analyse marketing activities.
  • Your website integrates with, or links to third-party websites or services including (without limitation) social networks, booking engines, email marketing applications, customer relationship management systems, or live messaging applications. 

What you can do to ensure that your website complies with POPIA?

Add your Privacy Policy and Activate your Cookie Notice:

A Privacy Policy discloses to website visitors how you gather personal information and how you use that information. You can add or edit your business' Privacy Policy, and enable a Cookie Notice for your website, in the Settings Tab in Springnest Admin here.


Don't have a Privacy Policy?

While you could approach your legal advisor or lawyer to write a tailor-made privacy policy for your business, there are multiple self-help and template-based options available. Note that the references below are not officially endorsed by or affiliated with Springnest.