Writing a Blog post with Springnest Articles

Springnest makes it quick and easy to publish news, events, special offers or information about your destination. Publishing blog articles is a powerful way to keep your content relevant, up to date, and to drive traffic to your website.

How to write and publish an article in Springnest

Step 1: Select the Website tab > Click Articles > Click the +Add a New Article button 

Note: If you have existing articles on your website, they will appear below All Articles, in a list.


Step 2: Complete the Article Title field 

Step 3: Your article has been created

Note: It will remain Hidden until you are ready to Go Live 

Step 4: Complete the Summary field > Think of it as a teaser to encourage your visitor to read through the rest of your article

Step 5: Complete the Content field > Use the text editor to edit text styles and add links to other content

Step 6: Click +Add Media in order to add an image or a video for your article

Step 7: Specify a Article Category > Select from the drop-down list or Click +Add Category > Complete the pop-up menu > Click Create

Note: Categories make it easy for your readers to explore content around a specific theme or topic you write about 

Step 8: Specify a Author > Select from the drop-down list or Click +Add Author > Complete the pop-up menu > Click Create


Step 9: Specify a date in the Publish Date field

Note: This is not the date your article will be published, but this will be the date that will be displayed on your article on your website once Live.

Step 10: Check the Allow Comments box in order to enable comments on your article (It's a great way to encourage conversation on your website.)

Note: Springnest uses Disqus for comments. Learn how to link your Springnest account to your Disqus profile.

Step 11: Click SEO Settings in the left-hand menu > Complete the Meta Title, Meta Description and Meta keywords fields > Click Save

Note: Information completed in SEO settings will appear when sharing your post to social media platforms. 

Step 12: Click the Go Live button to publish your article

Step 13: A pop-up will appear with the option to share your new article on Facebook and Twitter > Click Share on the specific social media platform you would like > Follow the log in prompts

Helpful Hints: