Linking a Springnest page to another page within your website.

Springnest allows you to link various pages and sections of your website. You are able to link a page/section to different locations within your website as well as linking pages/sections to other websites. It is important to think about what you want to achieve when linking to a different website, because linking a page to a completely different website will simply drive potential clients away from your website.

1. Using the Standard Button feature

Within specific sections, Springnest has a standard button feature which allows you link a section to different locations within your website (or another website).

Step 1: Click the Website tab > Select your Homepage > Click Content Hotspots in the left-hand menu > In the Link field, copy and paste the web address

Step 2: In the Link Text field, type the text you would like to be displayed as the call-to-action button

Step 3: By ticking this box, the link will open in a new browser window once clicked

Note: The top banner and map marker button feature will not have the option to open the link in a new tab

2. Create a Link

Springnest allows you to create links within Description and Content fields, here's how you create a link:

Step 1: Within the Description/Content field > Highlight a specific portion of text you would like to link to a different location > Click the Create/edit link which is the paperclip icon

Step 2: Highlighted text will automatically appear in the Text to display field, alternatively you can change the text you would like to display 

Step 3: Paste the web address into the Link Address field OR Select the page that you would like the text to link to from the drop-down list in the Link to a Page field

Step 4: Check the Open in New Tab box if you would like the link to open in a new browser window once clicked 

Step 5: Check the Display as Button box if you would like to convert the text to a call-to-action button