How can I share an idea or feature with Springnest?

Springnest’s Product Idea board allows you to share which features or improvements would help you get more from Springnest. You’re able to:

  • Upvote an existing idea. This is the simplest way to contribute or show interest in a feature or improvement.
  • Suggest new ideas.
  • Comment on existing ideas.
  • View our roadmap to track ideas.

We’ve created these Community Guidelines to help and guide you as you engage with us in the best way possible. 

  • Sharing new ideas
    Share a new feature or improvement idea with us in a clear and concise manner; you can optionally add a URL/link to support your idea to give us a clearer idea on what you are referring to.

  • Commenting on existing ideas
    We welcome feedback on existing ideas; we’d encourage you to engage in the comment section in a respectful and supportive way. Based on the functionality of the tool we use, you will automatically receive an email notifications each time you add a comment; or another Springnest User comments on the same idea. You can disable notifications in your Account Settings.

To share an idea with us visit our idea board.