Aim and Shoot: Tips for taking your own Photos

Leverage the details

It’s often the small details that make your property unique from its competitors, and you should show them off as much as you can. Photos of the furnishings, fancy taps, flowers, pillows, ornaments, toiletries, treats or artworks make your website and marketing material come to life. They add character and tell your visitors something about your business and brand.

Use light wisely

You don’t want your rooms to appear dark and cold, but over-exposed photographs can also do your property injustice. Shoot in the early morning or late afternoon when natural light is low. If you’re using a DSLR camera, create ambiance by shooting in the evening, with well-lit rooms and longer exposures.

Make an effort, tell a story

Take a minute to plan your shoot and setting. A little effort to make your property look inviting can add significant value to your shots, without having to bend the truth (more on this next). Put towels out by the pool, leave a steaming cup of coffee in your rooms, make sure your garden appears clean and tidy.

Stick with the truth, don’t oversell

While making an effort goes a long way, be careful of bending the truth. Staging a photo shoot to the point where it creates false expectations is dangerous. Setting a higher expectation than you can deliver sets you up for disappointed guests and negative reviews. When taking photographs, avoid including amenities or features that fall outside of your standard service. If you are using a wide angle lens to capture your rooms, be careful to not make rooms appear more spacious than they are.

Shoot beyond your rooms

It is important to capture the exterior of your property. Include shots of your entrance, pool or function facilities, garden and parking bays. Give your guests an idea of what to expect when they arrive at your business, or step outside their rooms for breakfast in the morning.

A thought on people and photos

People can add a lively and human dimension and atmosphere to your photographs, if captured properly. With this said, it is important to respect the privacy of your guests. Always remember to ask your guests’ permission before uploading their photos to your website or posting them to your social media feeds.