Editing the TripAdvisor Widget

TripAdvisor is a leading platform for travelers to share opinions and personal ratings of their experiences at tourism establishments all over the world. The TripAdvisor team have released a ton a free marketing tools for your business, including a range of badges and review snippets to add to your website.

How to add a TripAdvisor Widget to your Springnest website

Step 1: Select the Website tab > Click on the Widgets section > Click on TripAdvisor in the left-hand menu

Step 2: Select the pages you would like your TripAdvisor Widget to be displayed on by ticking the relevant boxes

Step 3: Scroll down the page and click on the TripAdvisor's Widget Center below the Widget code field

Step 4: A new tab with the heading Welcome to TripAdvisor’s Widget Center will open > Type in the name of your business into the search bar > Click the Get Widgets button > You will be directed to a page entitled Free Marketing Tools

Step 5: Select the widget of your choice and follow the subsequent steps

Step 6: Copy the provided code from the field titled Get your Widget

Step 7: Navigate back to your Springnest site > Paste the code in the Widget Code field

Step 8: Click Save

Helpful Hint

  • View our article on which TripAdvisor widget works best for your badges and certificates here.