Adding a Call to Action to a Blog Article

Your Call to Action is an invitation to your readers, to take the next step after enjoying your article. It can prompt them to book with you, contact you, submit a review, or even sign up to your mailing list. Your Call to Action should preferably relate to the theme of your article, and appears as a block at the bottom of your article

How to add a Call to Action to a blog article on your Springnest site

Step 1: Click the Website tab > Select the Articles

Note: If you have existing articles on your website, they will appear in a list. Create your new article, or edit an existing one you wish to add an image to.

In this example we're adding a Call to Action to A Foodie's Guide to Zanzibar

Step 2: Click Call to Action in the left-hand menu

Step 3: Fill in the Call to Action text field

Note: This information will appear above the button, and should draw the reader's attention. Keep this short and to the point. Eg. "Stay with us", "Don't miss out on summer packages" or "Get a tailor-made tour".

In this case, we are using the Call to Action text to play on the article's theme about food:

Step 4: Add Button text

Note: Avoid using exclamation marks. Your readers might find them aggressive and intrusive, rather than implying urgency or excitement.

Step 5: Add a Button link

Note: Link your button to a page on your website, your booking engine, or your newsletter sign-up form. In this case we are linking the button directly to the live availability in the hotel's booking engine.

Step 6: Click Save > View your Article to see it in action

Website Preview: