Installing your Springnest Social Brochure to your business' Facebook Page

Your Social Brochure is a simple and seamless way to take the key content from your website, and to present it on your Facebook page.

How to install your Springnest Social Brochure to your business' Facebook Page

Step 1: Log into you business' Facebook account > Once you are logged in, open a new tab in your browser and log into Springnest.


Step 2: Click on the Marketing tab > You will automatically land on the Facebook Apps section, and see a notification saying that you have not selected a Facebook Page for Apps yet > Click Select Facebook Page

Step 3: From the drop-down, select the your business' Facebook page, to which you will be installing your social brochure to > Wait for the page to reload

Congrats! You have just linked your business' Springnest account with your business' Facebook account. You won't have to do this again for additional Facebook applications you install in the future.

Step 4: You should now see your Showcase Application > Click Activate button


Step 5: You will see a Facebook pop-up menu titled Install Page Tab > From the drop-down menu, select your business' Facebook Page > Click Add Page Tab

Step 6: Your Springnest Social Brochure is now installed to your businesses' Facebook Page > Click View to see it in action

Remember: Your Springnest Social Brochure updates automatically with your website content, keeping it relevant and up to date.