Why are there fluctuations in my web traffic?

Fluctuating website traffic can be alarming, though it is completely normal. There are various reasons why your traffic could see drastic spikes or dips, here are some of the most common ones:
1. Seasonality
Seasonality affects your website traffic in the same way that it affects your business' occupancy. Depending on the booking pattern of your destination, there will be certain months, weeks, and days, where your target market will be doing more research, than others.

2. Your marketing activities
Some Special Offers and Blog articles are more successful and popular than others, and will vary in the traffic they generate to your website. Online advertising campaigns, email marketing campaigns, or participating in networking events and trade shows, will greatly influence your month-to-month website traffic.
3. The "Launch Effect"
It is usual to see a dip in traffic after the week or month your new site goes live. There is typically a high level of promotion and online sharing involved when a website launches (announcing your new website on social media channels like Facebook, or sharing the news with your existing marketing database and friends), which could cause a dip in traffic, during the following month.

Our Recommendation:

  • Keep an eye on your website's performance, if there is a pattern of unusual "ups-and-downs", let us know and we'll investigate the cause.