Editing basic information on your Homepage

Basic information on your homepage can be added into the following fields: homepage heading, introduction and the content field. Each field is formatted differently, to compliment the overall layout of your homepage, and draw attention where necessary.  

1. Heading

An optional page heading can be added to homepages. The appearance depends on a site's theme settings.

Helpful Hint:

Keep headings short and descriptive, and avoid generic phrases like "Welcome to our website".

2. Introduction 

Add text to this area, as an introduction to your business in a simple sentence or short paragraph. 

Helpful Hint:

Be descriptive, mentioning unique factors about your establishment.

3. Content

This area can be used to write a detailed overview of your business and what travelers can expect from booking with you. 

Helpful Hint:

You are able to format the text in this field to appear as bold, italic, in a bullet list, adding a link within text as well as adding HTML elements. You can access these tools in the top right corner of the Content box.