Setting your page as Hidden or Live

You can set a page as Live (visible for the public to see on your website), or as Hidden (not visible to public). If a page is Hidden, you are still able to edit the page. 


To recap the video, here's a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Select the Website tab > Click Pages > Click Gallery in the left-hand menu

Step 2: Click Edit to access the main Gallery page

Step 3: Below the Gallery title, there's a green button entitled Live > This indicates that the page is visible on your website

Step 4: To Hide the page, hover over the green Live button > It will change from green to red > Click the button once it has changed to red, and now states Hide

Helpful Hints:

  • The process of changing a page from Hidden to Live (and vice-versa) is the same throughout Springnest.
  • New pages, blog articles, and special offers you create will be Hidden by default until you are ready to take them live. Your Homepage will always be Live.